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What is the pricing?


Pricing is dependent on the number of horses in the trailer, stall size requested, and the mileage traveled.

Do you require a deposit?


A non-refundable 50% deposit is required at booking. Seven (7) days prior to the trip, the remaining balance will be collected. We accept cashier's checks, personal checks (must clear bank prior to departure), and cash.

How many horses are on the trailer at one time?

There are no more than 3 horses on the trailer at one time.


What documents must my horse travel with?


We require a current coggins (within six months or one year depending on state requirements) of travel date, a CVI within 30 days of travel signed from your veterinarian.

What routes do you travel?


We regularly travel locally throughout NY, NJ, and PA. We make bi-monthly trips to North Carolina and Florida.


What do you specialize in?


We specialize in transporting horses to and from shows and emergency transport to the veterinary clinic.

Do you have a contract?


Yes, prior to departing our contract must be signed 48 hours prior to loading the horse onto the trailer. This allows for any pre-trip route preparation.


Is my horse insured?


For coverage please contact your preferred insurance agent.

Are there extra fees?


We do charge additional for waiting time at a pick-up or delivery location, change to delivery location upon start of trip, difficult access to roads or gravel driveways greater than 1/4 mile, hard loaders. Please see contract for specifics regarding the occurrence.

How long is the trip?

The horses come first for our company, our goal is to take the most direct route possible while in transit. Horses will generally leave from a similar location, we do not travel and zig zag across the country to fill our trailers.

How often does the trailer stop?


The trailer will stop approximately every three to five hours. We will check the horses for distress, replenish hay and water, add/remove blankets, and check for slipped bandages.

Do you layover?


Yes, when traveling to Florida we layover in North Carolina.

Can I send tack and equipment with my horse?


One tack box per horse is included in the transport fees.

Can the horse be dropped off at their destination?


No, someone must be present to receive the horse and sign off on the contract that the horse arrived healthy and safe.

How often is the trailer cleaned?


The floors and inside of trailer are power washed with a bleach mixture weekly. Hay nets and water buckets are sanitized after each use.

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