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We are fully insured and operate with a custom 2018 2+1 Four Star Gooseneck trailer and a 2016 GMC Denali dually equipped with On-Star. Our trailer allows us to have 2 box stalls or 2 single stalls and a box stall to accommodate our clients needs. We provide safe, comfortable, and reliable horse hauling service up and down the east coast, always putting the horse first. Horses will leave from a similar location making stops along the way, horses do not spend more time than necessary on the trailer. Trailer is disinfected after arrival to final destination of each trip.

Four Star trailers leads the industry in safety and durability. Our trailer was custom made and is equipped with Quiet Ride Technology and WERM flooring. Quiet ride eliminates the interior noise, making the ride quieter and more comfortable for the horse. WERM flooring is a durable, padded, slip-resistant surface providing comfort to the horse. WERM also insulates the floor of the trailer reducing the roads vibrations and heat coming from the road, resulting in a less fatigued horse upon arrival to the destination. 


  • On-Star equipped truck

  • 1 double stall & box stall or 2 box stalls depending on client needs

  • Extra tall 8' - Warmblood sized stalls

  • WERM Rubber Flooring 

  • Quiet Ride Technology

  • Insulated walls and ceiling keeping horses cool in summer and warm in winter

  • Padded stalls

  • Larger head area with stud doors

  • Low side and rear ramps

  • Wide Doors

  • Ventilation- deluxe drop down door with bars at each horses head

  • 2-way roof vents

  • LED lights inside trailer

  • Disinfected regularly


Stall and a half - approximately 40" wide horses are tied

Box stalls - approximately 80" wide horses are untied. Mares and foals must be tied.

Small Box Stall: 107" long

Large Box Stall: 127"long


We encourage owners to ship their horses in an optimum stall space to fit the horses size and needs. For long distance travel we highly recommend the box stall option. Recent research states the health advantages and reduced stress levels of shipping in box stalls. 

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